"There Be Dragons"
"Tales of Belvuria"
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2013 exhibits at
Ping Pong's Pint Size Puppet Museum
in Portland, Oregon
"There Be Dragons"
January 17th - February 24th, 2013
Arthur D. Dragon walks you through our museum featuring the work of Dragon Theater Puppets and Princesses, The exhibit gave you the chance to see Dragons in their native habitat.

"Around the World with Puppets" September 12 to November 17, 2013 Icicle jumps on our magic carpet, touching down in over 22 countries, to see the many and varied puppetry arts of the past 4000 years.
So, climb aboard and set sail with us, as we intrigue you with the exotic and remind you of the familiar, with puppets, short puppet videos, and interesting facts, spanning the globe.
Young and old alike will find this a fascinating exhibit while you experience this ancient and beloved art form.
"Tales of Belvuria"
June 6 - August 31, 2013
Icicle takes us on a tour of the museum when
it featured part of the 30-year body of work of
The Olde World Puppet Theatre.
The magical land of Belvuria was all around you,
with puppets, sets, props and more.
It even included puppets that were featured
in the Tiffany & Co. windows in San Francisco.

"Around the World with Puppets"
"Puppets of Portland"
"Puppets of Portland"
March 14 - May 19, 2013
It featured puppets from 18 different
Portland, Oregon -based companies.
From the Creepy and Bizarre stop animated puppets
to 3D puppets to cute and fluffy puppets, to the worldwide traveling puppets. This exhibit had it all.
They've been seen by millions of people on stage, movies, and TV, and here you got your chance to see them
up close and personal.
Nuts About Nutcrackers 2013
November 28, to January 12, 2014
Although it shares the name with last year's holiday exhibit, this year featured almost twice as many nutcrackers and puppets.
Each year we have fun getting out our vast collection of Holiday decor and after listening to the shouts of "Me!! Me!!" from the puppets, deciding just what has to be included in THIS year's display.
So, even if you saw last year's exhibit, this one is completely different.
"Nuts About Nutcrackers 2013"
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2013 was our first FULL year of operation and we mounted five complete exhibits.
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