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The Media have been
interested in us
over the years -
Here's some recent (and one not-so-recent) Press and TV Coverage
Joe V did several segments on us one morning.
(KPTV-TV, Channel 12 in Portland)
-Watch the video to the left.

To catch a glimpse of us on KUNP-TV's "Pulso H", (and see us suddenly speak fluent Spanish!!) -Watch the video to the left.
Reporter David Ashton of the Sellwood Bee has long been a supporter of the Museum.
To see his latest article,
-Click on the picture to the left.
We were featured in a looooong article in the Fall, 2012The Puppetry Journal (the official publication of the Puppeteers of America), To learn everything you ever wanted to know about Olde World Puppet Theatre Studios and Ping Pong's Pint Size Puppet Museum (Portland Puppet Museum.
-Click on the picture to the left.
Note: You can reach the P of A at www.puppeteers.org
Visit us on Facebook at:
Portland Puppet Museum
A bit of history
Evening Magazine, based in San Francisco, did a segment on us a long time ago. What we didn't know at the time was that it was shared with other TV Stations across the US and Canada.
-Watch the video to the left.

Kyle Maki of Portland's KOIN-TV, Channel 6 interviewed us in the museum on May 11, 2015. See the results here.