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Here at Ping Pong's Pint Size Puppet Museum, we love making movies.
Long movies (like our DVD, Witch Key),
short movies (like teasers about our upcoming exhibits)
and everything in between.

We've decided to assemble them (or their links) all in one place
to make them easy to find and watch.
For speed in loading, we've divided them up into several pages,
each of which holds four or five videos

Some of the pages (like this one)
are located on our sister web site, www.belvuria.com.
There's a button on each page to bring you back here,
(sort of the computer equivalent of the bread crumbs used by Hansel and Gretel.)
Listed below are our first video pages,
so click away, sit back, relax and enjoy the movies.
2012 Museum Exhibits
Selected 2013 & 2014 Museum Exhibits
Museum Media Coverage
Hello, Hello, Hello
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Live Performance Videos
Great Race
Mardi Gras in Oz
Who is
That Reindeer
The Baby Dragon
Finds a Job
No, No, No
Kyle Maki KOIN 6 News
Joe V KPTV 12 News
Portland Spanish Language TV
Old San Francisco Coverage